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SIM4u receives approval for FNPT II MCC


Berlin-Schoenefeld, 20. September 2012|

After two days of intensive testing, the two Inspectors from the Federal Aviation Office (LBA) issued the approval to SIM4u Aviation Service GmbH according to JAR-FSTD for the fixed-base simulator B737-800W FNPT II MCC. This project “Simulator” began as early as December 2010 and was finally successful completed after almost two years. The simulator is based at the Training Center of Lufthansa Flight Training in Berlin. SIM4u is now worldwide the first operator of the approved simulator FNPT II MCC; manufactured by MPS at The Netherlands.

With this latest training techniques now all of our future clients – regardless if active pilots, flight schools, airlines or any other aviation related training facilities – shall be able to receive our full at-tention in a very realistic training environment form the first day of their sessions at SIM4u.

SIM4u and Trans Jet Europe Ltd. start cooperation


Berlin-Schoenefeld, 09. June 2012 |

“A partnership for the future!” This week SIM4u Aviation Service GmbH and Trans Jet Europe Ltd. with offices in Berlin and London have signed a cooperation agreement for marketing the Boeing 737NG fixed base simulator for pilot training to National and International airlines.

Arno M. Angermeier, TJE Ltd. Managing Partner states: “As a provider of aviation related services such as arranging lease and purchase of aircraft as well as support to star-up airlines, we are now able to expand our portfolio and are in a position to also offer pilots training to our clients and Part-ners.. Airlines in Asia, Africa and Europe do increasingly recognize the benefits of outsourcing pilot training. Together with SIM4u we can now close an existing gap to our partners with this additional offer on a successful and cost effective basis.”

The agreed cooperation is also a very significant step for SIM4u to now offer our services on an International basis. “We will benefit from the extensive experience and established business relations TJE Ltd. can offer us. The basis of this agreement is the joint selling of simulator hours and thereby raising the awareness and importance as well as the general acceptance and quality of pilot training. Trans Jet Europe Ltd. is now in a position to offer a more comprehensive package to it´s customers” says Oliver Thiemke, Managing Director of SIM4u.

SIM4u and Cockpit4u agree to collaborate


Berlin-Schoenefeld, 03. January 2012 |

The SIM4u Aviation Service GmbH, a provider of modern and professional simulator technology, and the internationally active Training Organization (TRTO) Cockpit4u Aviation Service GmbH have formed a strategic partnership to use the B737-800W FNPT II MCC.

Oliver Thiemke, CEO of SIM4u and Dennis Pilz, Managing Director of Cockpit4u, signed the joint agreement in early 2012 to use the simulator in the future training of national and international professional pilots.

The fixed-base simulator completes the service and training portfolio of Cockpit4u optimally. The aim is the use of the FNPT II for both B737 type ratings (Introduction cockpit, FMC training or LOFT training) as well as for screening, check flights, jet orientation and refresher course and thus to upgrade the training technically and by content. Specifically, the number of practical training hours in the cockpit can be enhanced by the cost-effective use of the fixed-base simulator and thus increasing the quality of training for the customer.

Through the cooperation individual training requests to SIM4u can be carried out together with an officially approved training provider such as Cockpit4u. Both partners see in Germany and in the European market numerous possibilities of use. One of the deciding factors why Cockpit4u has opted for the simulator is the location of the simulator at LFT Center Berlin and thus closer to its training center in Berlin-Schönefeld.

Oliver Thiemke, SIM4u: "Our partner Cockpit4u got involved with us on the training revolution. We are confident that with the FNPT II may contribute to the success of the training and improve quality significantly. This cooperation demonstrates once again that a perfect match between technology and course content leads to effective solutions in pilot training. "

SIM4u builds FNPT II at LFT Center Berlin


Berlin-Schoenefeld, 01. October 2011 |

After one week of establishment the success is now on 45m². The SIM4u has its Boeing B737-800W simulator FNPT II MCC in LFT - Lufthansa Flight Training – Center Berlin installed. In cooperation with the manufacturer MPS the team of SIM4u performed the conceptual design, the construction and subsequent transport from the Netherlands to Berlin. The still outstanding qualification of the Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) allows the subsequent use in many areas of the pilot training. With this latest technology future customers - pilots, flight schools and airlines - from the first day a realistic training environment will be offered.

The established training technique is a modern and highly functional fixed-base simulator, which is technically closely aligned with the full-flight simulator. To achieve an accurate picture of the flight the simulator was fitted with an official Boeing 737NG Flight Dynamics model. The dimensions of the Boeing 737NG cockpit are extremely scale. In the design by the manufacturer, many original parts have been used, such as AVOX-EROS oxygen masks, seats, control column and thrust lever.

During training, pilots will appreciate the 200° panoramic view. In collaboration with LIDO real navi-gation data are used, e.g. to optimize training for instrument flight. To ensure the instructor´s professionalism the fixed-base simulator has an interface which allows easy and fast access to diverse technical environments settings, positions, heights and error situations.

Through an aircraft-realistic simulation of the systems and procedures in the cockpit, the training receives a unique interactivity. "With the B737-800W FNPT II MCC, we provide our customers with a professional technique to the side that allows them prospective and active pilots prepare perfectly for the cockpit," said Oliver Thiemke, CEO of SIM4u.