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SIM4u Aviation Service has set itself the goal to offer prospective and active pilots "state of the art" simulator technology, which guarantees a quality and professional training. Original aircraft parts, latest navigation technology, high-resolution visual and user-friendly instructor station. A place close to the real aircraft training, safe for pilots, flight schools and airlines.

To be a Pilot – a dream job!

Boeing 737

SIM4u supports you on your way to the cockpit. From IFR training via MCC to the type rating.

Flight simulation B737

Sim4u Aviation Service

Learn methods and systems in a real environment of a fixed-base simulator Boeing B737 in Berlin.

Pilot on a Boeing B737

Sim4u Aviation Service

SIM4u offers you also support after your training. Use our professional Partner network Sky4u.

Our Partner

SKY4u Aviation Service GmbH is an international network of aviation companies, airliners, pilots, instructors and experts. The profound knowledge, the longterm experience and the functional potential are the strong pillar to support and facilitate the whole aviation industry with innovation and quality.

The Boeing B737 App


The Boeing B737 App for Classic and New Generation providing training of system knowledge for current and future B737 pilots.


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