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The Boeing B737-800W FNPT II MCC is a "state of the art" and high functional (Fixed-base) Simulator. With the FSTD qualification by German authority (LBA), the device is applicable for several pilot trainings now.

  • Our simulator is equipped with the official Boeing 737 NG Flight Dynamics Model – which means that its aerodynamics are as equally precise as that of a Boeing 737-800 with winglets and CFM56-7B engines. The control loading systems belongs to a special class, which is also used in full flight simulators. The result is that you get the feeling of being in a real cockpit, especially when it comes to the response of the control force feedback.
  • In the cockpit of the B737 NG Fixed-base Simulator you'll discover that all dimensions are to scale and you´ll find original AVOX-EROS oxygen masks, seats, control columns, rudder pedals and thrust levers.
  • There is also a 200 degrees visual system with a super high end image generator, which is also certified on various Level D simulators. The Air conditioning in combination with a recirculation system increases the feeling of actually flying a B737.
  • All important software components in the B737 NG Fixed-base Simulator have been designed based on Boeing specifications. Real FMC navigation data are provided thanks to a license agreement with LIDO by Lufthansa Systems, making your instrument flight training precise and authentic.
  • Due to the interface of the B737 NG Fixed-base Simulator's professional instructor station, you have quick access to numerous technical settings, which means that our instructors can spend practically all of their time focusing on your individual needs. And this is a very good thing indeed – it's your training time, after all.


FNPT II MCC– Boeing 737-800W/27K "generic"


Fixed-base Fully enclosed flight deck


Full-size Boeing B737NG replicated flight deck


MPS-CDS full FMC / EFIS and Systems replicated


MPS-FDM Official Boeing Data (Boeing 737-800W/27K modeled)


Direct projection (FOV: 200 x 40 deg) RSI Raster xT Image Generator (FFS D fidelity)


MPS-IOS Instructor Operating Station


Lufthansa Systems LIDO official FMS nav data



The Boeing B737 and why you should fly


Pilot as a passion... a childhood dream, a dream profession!

Motivation and readiness to learn will secure this position for you… in the cockpit of the aircraft. Many prospective Pilots are confronted with the same question: Airbus or Boeing? Which type-rating is the right decision…

The medium range Boeing B737 is the most successful aircraft type in history in aviation. Until now more than 9.000 models of this type have been ordered and more than ¾ have been delivered so far. The first aircraft of this type was operated by Lufthansa and since then the B737 has been constantly improved in various steps (Classic/Next Generation/Max). The aircraft is very modern and has been brought up to date in all technical aspects.

The decision in favor of a Boeing B737 is intensively influenced by emotions and "gut feelings". Despite the high technical standards these days, this aircraft offers each "flying newcomer" the possibility to optimize his knowledge from his ATPL qualification on a daily basis in the Airline operation. Even experienced pilots prefer this type of aircraft because of conventional control; classical Jet performance can be experienced and learned. Should you, however at some stage decide to fly on a different type of equipment, the change will be basically easy – the principle of flying are ensured due to the successful operation of a Boeing B737.

Studies, like the Current Market Outlook 2011-2030 from Boeing shows, that due to the change of aircraft types on one side and the increasing number of passengers on the other side approximately 10.000 new Pilots are required worldwide. Many airlines request these days that new Pilots hold all necessary licenses when starting in their new position, in order to be immediately available for the daily operation.

Our partners offer newcomers a Boeing B737 type-rating, the qualification to fly on the most successful aircraft. During the training we facilitate you with the support of practical experienced trainers using the means of CBT, FNPT II and Full Flight Simulator.